Welcome to Lifetrap. I decided to start this blog in November 2011 to share some stories about lifetraps. There are 2 main reasons why I wanted to create this blog; the first was to share and open up to allow myself to heal from situations that have marked my life in a positive or in a negative mannner. The second reason was to reach out to the online community and connect with people who may have experienced the same type of situations in their life and allow them to share their thoughts as well.

I gave this site the title “Lifetraps” after reading a book by Jeffrey E. Young, Ph.D., and Janet S. Klosko entitled “Reinventing Your Life” in which I found many inspiring stories, techniques and tools to help end negative behavior. Lifetraps are situations that stem from childhood that sculpted us into doing things in our lives we never really understood why. I often searched for reasons why I did some things in my life that I would afterwards regret and despite my regrets, would soon fall into the same situation over and over again.

And so it begins, the journey into my lifetraps, the tale of a broken childhood. I hope you relate to my stories or at least find some connection to them as they are a reflection of my life.



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