Escape is a common problem and many people who have dealt with abandonment, mistrust, abuse, vulnerability, dependence, emotional deprivation, social exclusion, failure, or any other similar type of situation is likely to use escapism to avoid tihnking about their problems, their past or the issues that have affected their lives. Escapism can be manifested by drinking, using drugs, engaging in risky behaviors or other situations that provide a sort of mental diversion from everyday life as a means of coping with feelings of sadness or depression.  Although escapism can be a healthy way of finding fulfillment, it can also prove to be self-destructive and make you relive the feelings you once felt when you were abused or neglected. For example, someone who was raped as a yound child may want to have meaningless sex with strangers simply because they are used to it. Breaking this cycle can prove to be one of the most difficult things a person can do. Others less severe forms of escapism can include chronic smoking of marijuana, where the users numbs his feelings and thoughts to escape reality for a while.


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